Bartender, Jimmy Young.

Jimmy Young, Nalu & Summer House

Jimmy Young tends bar at Summer House in Rehoboth Beach and Nalu Surf Bar & Grill in Dewey and Rehoboth Beach. He has been in the restaurant industry since his college days in 1998. For the past six years, Jimmy maintains full service at the bar while simultaneously DJing from midnight until close.

Despite earning a degree in Environmental Studies from Washington College and spending time studying crabs and chickens, he was always drawn to beach life and the restaurant industry. “It’s the people. Even on a random Tuesday night, it can be so interesting and fun. Everyone has a story.”

During the day, Jimmy runs The Beach Volleyball League in Dewey, which includes 25 teams of all players in the service industry from various restaurants. They meet at the Lighthouse Monday through Thursday, and if Jimmy isn’t playing on a team, he’s refereeing the games.

Jimmy says his go-to drink is a cold shot of Rumple Minze Peppermint Schnapps. “I love it so much they should sponsor me,” he jokes. (Rumple Minze if you’re reading this, reach out).

Nalu has a lot of martinis on the menu, what is the most popular?
We sell a lot of Espresso Martinis and our Signature Hawaiian Martini because we make an in-house pineapple-infused vodka.

How do you deal with a rowdy/drunk guest when the bar is crowded?
I always just try and stay calm and give them their tab. That usually gets the point across.

How do you handle both bartending and DJing simultaneously?
I work on a good team. I like to be busy and in that last hour of service, I just have to be quick. 

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