A.J. behind the bar at Big Chill Surf Cantina.

A.J. Borrero, Big Chill Surf Cantina

Head bartender and general manager A.J. Borrero of The Big Chill Surf Cantina explains how the bar is more than just a place for really great drinks. A.J.’s favorite part is connecting with people. “This business allows you to have opportunities of real engagement; listening and talking to people. For us, it’s a new adventure every day.” 

Big Chill Surf Cantina is known for their margaritas that feature a house made “sweet lime sour mix.” They also offer a variety of mixed drinks they’ve coined “Local Legends.” In the summer you can find live music most nights. And unlike a lot of seasonal establishments, they stay open year-round, offering a ton of unique activities; Fall Football Bingo, Themed Trivia, and Artisan Nights where local artists sell their goods.  

You can now find him behind the bar Monday, Thursday and Saturday days and evenings.

Best flavored margarita at Big Chill Surf Cantina?
Personally, I like a Spicy Strawberry Margarita. Our margaritas are the best around because of our house-made sweet lime sour mix.

Does the brand of tequila matter when making a Margarita? 
I’d say not the brand as much as the age. Blanco is the youngest aged, then Reposado, and oldest is Anejo. I prefer dark tequila over light tequila. We serve Reposado Tequilla in our house margarita.  

What’s the secret ingredient in the house sweet lime sour mix? 
I can’t give that one away. (It was worth a try.) 

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