The Starboard’s Rex Lotito.

Rex Lotito, The Starboard

Rex Lotito holds down the front main bar of The Starboard every weekend in the summer months. Having been in the service industry since he was 16 years old, first as a cook, then as a sous chef, he was always drawn to the front of the house. “The kitchen was not social enough. I like to be out with people, in the crowd and be in the moment.” 

When he’s not working behind the bar, Rex spends a few months out of every year traveling. Having been to 48 countries (all commemorated as country flags tattooed on his forearm), Rex admits to never knowing exactly where he’s going to spend his “off” months. “Traveling allows a person to be impulsive, serendipitous, where nothing is familiar, and I love the surprise and lack of familiarity.”  

Rex certainly has his own unique vibe and his “live by your own rules” mentality is celebrated on his white board of thoughts and quandaries found inside The Starboard. 

Did the original Orange Crush start at The Starboard? 
No, but we sell so many of them, I’d say we’re “home” to the Crush.  

What makes the Bloody Mary so popular at The Starboard?
We have our own signature mix (the ingredients are a secret) but you can add whatever you want from the “bloody bar” wall of options. 

What’s your favorite cocktail?
There is a lavender and gin martini over at Drift Seafood & Raw Bar in Rehoboth that I really like. But, I’m always up for a tequila shot, too.

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