Julie Derrick photographed by Tiffany Caldwell.

Julie Derrick

Co-owner of Shell We Bounce and Board of Education Vice President Area “D”

Any ‘working’ mom can tell you that they often put their dreams and hobbies on the back burner to raise their family. But for Julie Derrick, it was her kids that inspired her career. “Back in 2014, I had two young children and realized there was nothing to do on rainy days at the beach. I was sitting at Chick-fil-A one day and realized that when it rained at the beach, you couldn’t get a table at Chick-fil-A.” She recalls parents flocking to the restaurant just so their kids could run around the little indoor playground. “I started thinking, something is wrong here. We need more options at the beach.” Her husband’s family is very entrepreneurial (they started the Sea Shell Shops, a business you might be familiar with), so when she mentioned the idea to him, he loved it and pushed her to start it. Originally, Shell We Bounce was located on the Forgotten Mile and just had some inflatables meant for little kids. “We moved in 2017 to our current location off Route 9 and expanded the business into a trampoline park, café and arcade.”

What is it like working with your husband, Jim?
I actually love working with my spouse because we balance each other out. We did butt heads a little when we first opened, but a friend of mine gave me great advice. She said, “find your lane.” So, I took control of managing the staff and scheduling, and he is the authority on the equipment and technology. It’s nice having a teammate to share your workload.

Why did you get involved in Cape Henlopen School District?
It is so rewarding. I think the nature of my business prepared me to deal with the public, so I have pretty thick skin. But I also recognize and know how parents are because I am one. Parents get feisty and fired up when it comes to their kids, so I get it. I have three kids in the district and I’m just really proud of our school district and the growth we’ve had in the last seven years. I can’t think of a better way to volunteer my time. I was elected in 2017 and I am currently serving as the vice president.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I earned my bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Virginia, so in my free time I love to write songs and sometimes I perform at open mics around the area. I’m also recording an album, which I am super excited about. 


  • Beach Deauville Beach.
  • Lunch Robin Hood Restaurant. 
  • Ice cream spot Kohr Brothers.
  • Happy hour Jam.


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