Kick a little sand onto the underside of your board to add some weight, so that it drops faster and flatter.

How to Wow at Skimboarding

➊ First of all, rule of thumb: get a skimboard that stands at about mid-chest height.

➋ Choose a quiet stretch on the beach that has a flat shoreline.

➌ Once you’ve waited for a wave to ebb, run towards the water. Drop the board on the wet sand as you reach the water, but be gentle with it — skimboarding is all about light touches and nimble reflexes.

➍ Step onto the board (do not jump) with your front foot first and quickly follow with your back foot. Keep your knees bent and your weight centered.

➎ Once you’re on the board, lean forward and glide toward the slope. To turn, shift your weight to one side and turn your shoulders and hips in the opposite direction.

➏ Once you’ve developed a rhythm with sand skimming, you can progress to wave skimming. As you approach the wave, maintain your speed, lower your backhand, bend your knees and pivot your board toward the shore. Then, shift your weight to the back of the board when you complete the 180-degree turn to avoid nosediving or pearling.

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