The first known disc golf game dates back to 1926 in Saskatchewan, Canada.

How to Play Disc Golf

Sometimes called Frisbee golf, this is the only sport where throwing things at trees is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

➊ Disc golf is a game where any number of players attempt to throw a specialized disc into a standing basket with the fewest number of throws.

➋ Do not use a regular Frisbee. Disc golf discs are much different and are made for long distances. Bright colors are recommended to avoid losing them. 

➌ Decide who will go first. After that, the player with the fewest strokes on the previous hole goes first and tees are set up at the beginning of each hole.

➍ A “lie” is where your throw lands, marked by a mini disc or turning over the thrown disc. You must throw from behind the lie on your next turn.

➎ “Unplayable lies” allow you to throw from as close to the lie as possible, such as when your disc gets stuck in a tree. Fairway throws allow a run-up and follow through, but not within 10 meters of the basket.

➏ A “mandatory” refers to a designated tree or pole on the fairway that must be passed on the correct side indicated by an arrow. Failing to pass on the correct side results in a penalty of one stroke and the player must either continue from their previous lie or play from a marked drop zone.

➐ The round is completed by throwing the disc into the basket (generally these baskets are made of chains). Remove your disc after completing the hole.

➑ At the end of each round, the player with the fewest number of strokes wins. Games consist of 18 holes, but each course can vary.


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  • George H. P. Smith Memorial Park 
  • Killens Pond State Park
  • Trap Pond State Park
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