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Jill Latina – One Love Yoga

Yoga is a practice that connects the mind and body; a popular version of physical exercise that is taking the beach by storm. Jill Latina’s One Love Yoga studio, however, is so much more. After spending just one hour, one class, one experience at One Love Yoga, you will see how it is not only an exercise for your mind and body: but also, for your spirit, soul and heart. If you want to sweat like you’ve hit the gym, but also find your center and experience healing like you’ve just left a spa; One Love Yoga is a one-stop shop.

Owner and head Yoga Instructor Guru, Jill Latina, has been practicing Yoga for over twenty years. “I took my first class at 17, and it felt like home,” Jill said. “I never really partied in college. I never even drank a full beer. I was more concerned with getting up early to do Yoga in the morning.” After graduating college with a Business degree and a minor in Marketing, Jill continued her yoga practice. In 2013 she came to the Delaware Beaches for what was supposed to be “just for the summer…and I’ve been here full time for 17 years” she said, initially working in the restaurant industry. However, in 2020, after Covid hit, everything changed, and the pandemic became a catalyst for her. “It made me turn inward, and the message of ‘Yoga Studio’ was on my heart.” It was then that she redid her training and certifications, albeit with a mask on, but nothing was stopping her. She wanted to refine her practice so she could share her love and gifts with our local beach community.

Jill is the sole owner of One Love Yoga and opened her doors in January of 2024 on Coastal Highway in Rehoboth Beach. Jill teaches most classes herself, but new teachers are being added to the schedule, which she’s, “very excited about.” Jill also did all the design work and even painted the studio with the help and support of her family. “I feel like I went from being misunderstood without direction, to embraced and celebrated in my journey,”
she explains.

“I feel like I went from being misunderstood without direction, to embraced and celebrated in my journey. I’m giving everything I have to this.”

One Love Yoga is a healing space that is the result of Jill’s work, devotion and dedication to Yoga and her gifts. “I’m giving everything I have to this,” she said. Every class incorporates breath work and aromatherapy. “I always work from the top of your head down, to release from the spine and heal your nervous system. I also want to make sure I hit all the senses; breath, touch, essential oils, atmosphere, smell, and healing energy.” For music, Jill is unorthodox in the sense that while she does start with traditional Sacred Music, “after people are tuned-in I like to switch to some acoustic music or something with a strong message, like Teddy Swims, and then I always end with sound healing.” During the entirety of the class, Jill talks participants through the exercises with adequate instruction, “there is always room for modifications, and this is a no-judgment class. We focus on release of negative energy and acceptance of positive energy; Feeling grateful and doing what feels good,” she says. Jill even incorporates an inspirational poem or reading into the class to encourage self-reflection.

Jill offers private and group classes in her studio coverings: Intro to Yoga, Tai Yoga, Deep Stretch, Slow Flow, Chakra Training, Reiki and Sound Bowl Classes, Alignment, Soul Flow, Yin Yoga, Slow Power Flow, Yoga & Weights, Sound Bath Classes and Barr Training. For those more inclined to soak up the beautiful atmosphere of the beach, she also offers outdoor classes: Beach Yoga, Sunset Yoga, and even Boat Yoga while floating down the Lewes Canal. Jill has what she explains is an ‘intuition’ or a ‘knowing,’ a connection to the awakening of the spirit and the soul. “I get feelings about the needs of the people in my class, and I try and adjust our practice to accommodate that. I want participants to connect with their higher selves through our energy work.” In some classes she even pulls oracle cards at the end and explains the meanings to her participants.

Jill and her class are authentic, unique, and calming. “I want to help people change their lives for the better,” Jill says with a smile. One Love Yoga is the perfect vibe to complement that easy-breezy, beach-life attitude. Because life truly is better at the beach, and it’s even better after a spiritually uplifting yoga class. One Love Yoga is open 7 days a week, drop-in classes are $30 and she’s located at 19470 Coastal Hwy, #2, Rehoboth Beach. The class list is available online at and she has something for everyone, at every stage of practice—even a first timer. So, go see for yourself how Namaste the Delaware beach life
really is.  


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