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Austen Gravett

A Calling to Fitness

Austen Gravett is the Owner and founder of Gravfitt, an online personal training and motivation company that focuses on fitness, nutrition, mindset/motivation and lifestyle. Having graduated from Penn State with a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, he always “had a calling to fitness.” In early 2014 he completed his personal training certification and Les Mills Training certification. By May of that year, he hit the ground running and started Gravfitt. “I’ve always liked working out; for both the physical and mental benefits,” he explained. Austen is a Delaware beach local, who, over the past decade, has trained hundreds of people across the country. “I only want to teach people what’s authentic and real. I’m not perfect, and the journey to being healthy isn’t either,” he said.

“To help people, you have to understand their WHY.”

How is Gravfitt Unique?

Gravfitt offers clients the opportunity to “get strong, ripped and in the best shape of your life for $3.24 a day and only 4 hours per week.” Unlike other cookie-cutter programs, his custom program evolves as his clients do, and he provides a brand-new diet and exercise program each month. After signing up, clients become part of “Gravfitt Academy” a private, members only website with access to the “Gravfitt Academy App.” The app gives clients access to their personalized monthly exercise and meal plans tailored to their own unique physical and dietary needs and restrictions, as well as a high-end calorie/macro calculator, access to Austen to ask personalized questions, an invitation to a private Facebook page, and advanced, custom video tutorials. “To help people, you have to understand their ‘WHY,’” Austen explains. So, after signing up, he collects information on his new clients from applications and interview forms that enable him to create custom programs. Austen says he has a unique coaching style in that he, “teaches people psychological tricks (like habit tracking) to help them stay consistent and motivated.” Austen said he finds purpose and fulfillment in coaching clients and transforming bodies.

“I never want to lock anyone into a contract—what I offer works because of trust. If people want to cancel, they can do it at any time, but I’ve seen far more people transform than I have cancel,” he said. For those timid to jump right into the Gravfitt Academy, he offers pop-up challenges in 30-day intervals that range from $100-$500.  He also offers a 90-day Body Road Map, an Extension Program, and even Lifetime Memberships. 

In addition to personal training, he hosts weekend retreats in Rehoboth Beach that feature: Fill up Friday, (focusing on self-care with infrared therapy and float therapy at Urban Float. Strategize Saturday, (focusing on exercise and meal planning at CoWork Reho.) Sunday Funday, (focusing on healthy fun by riding Go-Karts at Midway Speedway).

Lifetime Benefits

“I train mostly men; busy professionals who lack the motivation to prioritize fitness” he says. “I want to get past the mask of masculinity, and remind men that to be healthy, we have to be emotionally regulated.” In honor of June being Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month, on June 24th he’s hosting a 24-hour walk, called, “Walk Around the World” asking 420 people to walk with him for 24 hours. “This was motivated by my dad, who walked 50 miles on his 50th birthday. It inspired me to highlight the benefits of walking for mental health—how it can change your physiology and psychology” he said. For more information about the walk and his E-book, “4 pillars to your Dream Body” check out his website:  

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