To celebrate the Cape Gazette’s 30th anniversary this year, we are publishing some of our favorite stories from the past. Have these stories aged well? You be the judge.

Rewind Back to July 13, 2018

Lost Ring Ends on a Happy Note

Phil Haddad and his wife, Bonnie Heebner, are happy people this week.

Last December, they exchanged rings that Bonnie had designed to commemorate their love on Lewes Beach. When winter turned to summer, Phil found himself frolicking on the beach on the Fourth of July. He was in the water when he noticed that his ring had slipped from his finger.

Distraught, he started a frantic search along with several other friends and relatives. With those efforts fruitless, he reported his loss to Lewes police. They took down the information but could do little else. Phil and Bonnie tell the rest of the story: “I turned to the Cape Gazette,” said Phil, “and placed an advertisement offering a cash reward for the person finding the ring. Four days later, the ring was found by Bill C.”

Bill used metal-detecting equipment, tide tables and other information to narrow his search, finding the ring in 20 minutes. “Finding the ring was nothing short of a miracle,” said Bonnie.

The human resources around here are amazing, and the Cape Gazette is thrilled to have played a role in connecting the problem with the solution.  

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