“M.T. Skirt” is one of six wind-driven sculptures placed around George H.P. Smith Park for this year’s temporary art exhibit. Photos by Bill Shull.

Picnic with Art at Blockhouse Pond

The six works of art are imaginative, ever-changing structures that move with the breeze and dance in the wind.

There aren’t many places where you can picnic with art (works of art, not a guy named “Art”), but this summer you can do just that at H.P. Smith Park, at the end of Dupont Avenue in Lewes. H.P. Smith Park (named for former Lewes Mayor George H.P. Smith) has something for everyone; -a children’s playground, a butterfly garden, horseshoe pit, and walking path. But, for my money (actually, it’s free) the best feature is Blockhouse Pond, the lovely body of water within the park. Fish in it, walk around it, sit on one of the many benches along its shore, or picnic at one of the available tables. There’s even an island with a picnic pavilion.

This summer, you can also enjoy original works by Baltimore artist Paul Daniel. If you’re expecting a museum with paintings hung on walls, you are in for a surprise. The six works of art are imaginative ever-changing structures that move with the breeze and dance in the wind (impress your friends by knowing that they’re called “kinetic sculptures”). Some have mirrors that reflect the plants, sky, and water around them, and one even floats around on the pond’s surface. As you make your way around the pond, be sure to pause and watch each sculpture do its thing.

So, if you’re looking for an out-of-town spot to relax and don’t have the time to actually get out of town, walk, ride a bike, take the 204 bus (get off by the hospital—the park is directly behind it), or drive to H.P. Smith Park’s Blockhouse Pond. It’s a spot that would appeal to anyone…even Art.  

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