Karlin and Keith

Karlin Maull & Keith Mosher

The Lincoln-based pair behind the ultra-popular lifestyle brand, 302 Horseshoe Crab, has people wearing their pride for The First State on their sleeve, literally.

In this area, the singular graphic of a horseshoe crab body emblazoned with the numbers 302 is as recognizable as it is distinct. The brainchild of Keith Mosher, artist and co-owner of the lifestyle brand 302 Horseshoe Crab (formerly known as KAM Productions, the company’s LLC) honors not only the only area code in Delaware but the State Marine Animal, from which it got its name, and can easily be spotted branded on hats and shirts in the beach region as readily as a Nike swoosh.

Mosher met his wife, Karlin Maull, while they both attended Shepherd College. A Cape grad, Maull’s descendants date back to the early settlement of Lewes, and their historic home on Pilottown Road, The Thomas Maull House, is preserved as one of the oldest houses in Lewes. “He’s a transplant from Pennsylvania and he’s the one that came up with the design for the horseshoe crab and that’s always ticked me off,” Maull jokes. She taught fifth grade in Milford for 17 years before joining Mosher in 2019. Mosher has lived in the area for 22 years and started his career as a photographer. What began as a side-hustle selling hats and t-shirts at farmers markets took off when friends Rob Waters and Rob Rector of Revival House hosted a film festival at Milton Theatre in 2016 and asked if Mosher could come up with a hyper-local design. “The 302 Horseshoe Crab logo was pretty much created by accident.” recalls Mosher, “We had other designs, but it was what was always selling.” Today, their line of goods includes accessories, drinkware, linens, towels and pottery sold at their flagship store, The Brush Factory in Lewes, plus Eclectic Fenwick in Fenwick, Bombshell Boutique in Rehoboth and Not Too Shabby in Milford.

Do you produce all your apparel locally?
Keith We screen print about 80% of the shirts here locally, same thing for the hats. We do outsource some of the custom stuff that we just cannot produce in-house. We work with a local artist on the wood patches that we put on hats and on the corn hole boards we sell. We try to work locally as much as possible.

What’s it like working with your spouse?
Karlin There’s definitely a balance. We both have strengths we bring to the table: I’m more outgoing; he’s more of an introvert. We don’t agree all the time, but at the end of the day, we both really care about the product we are putting out. Keith has an art degree and does all of the designing, graphics and in-house screen-printing. I do all the hat-making and try to handle women’s apparel. But day-to-day business stuff, I don’t know that we necessarily have roles, a lot of it is divide and conquer.

Tell us about 302 Day?
Keith 302 Day takes place on March 2 (3/02), and it’s a huge sale and new inventory release paired with live music to raise funds for Friends of DE State Parks (the nonprofit side). We’ve raised over $7,500 over two years which provides insurance for all volunteers of all Delaware State Parks, over 500 volunteers in total. Sam [Calagione] is the one who reached out to us. For an entrepreneur of his level to reach out to us is just an amazing compliment and very humbling for us. 

What’s next for you two?
Keith We’re moving the business out of our home and into a bigger space. We’ve purchased a building, but we aren’t disclosing its location yet. We have some new collaborations this summer and into the fall with some nonprofits that are very exciting. 


  • Beach Tower Road or Lewes Beach
  • Restaurant Dogfish Brewery, Taco Reho, Thompson Island Brewing Company, Mr. P’s Pizza. We can’t choose just one.
  • Trail Abbot’s Mill
  • Ice Cream Spot Kohr Brothers 
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