100 Women Who Care presenting a check for $9,255 to La Esperanza to help immigrants obtain citizenship.

A Q&A With Jeri Berc

The leader behind 100 Women Who Care Southern Delaware, a giving circle that provides support to organizations serving communities in need

How did you end up living in Southern Delaware?

I was working in Washington, D.C. in the Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service. I met my then wife there and she was going to the beach with groups of people in the 80s. We just fell in love with the place so after we got married, we talked about getting a house together. We were going to get a house in D.C., but instead decided to get a house at the beach in Lewes. In 2016, I purchased a four-acre property for a hobby farm in Milton where I built my house  which I now live in. I harvest all different kinds of fruit including blackberries, apples and pears. I’m currently trying to get people who work with food banks to come and collect some fruit. My goal for my entire adult life is to help heal the way we live on the Earth, save the wildlife and the land while developing a productive relationship with the land so that we’re not destroying it while we’re living on it.

What is something people don’t know about you?

I used to play the ukulele. A goal I had for the longest time was to sing a song while playing the ukulele and tap dancing at the same time. I have kind of gotten to the point in my life where I realized it is not going to happen. I don’t know if it’s a secret, but it’s my own reckoning with my limitations.

“My goal for my entire adult life is to help heal the way we live on the Earth.”

What is 100 Women Who Care Southern Delaware and how does it work?

It is basically a giving circle that is part of an alliance of giving circles. There are over 700 different branches all over the country with the goal of providing financial support to organizations serving communities in need. Members meet quarterly, where we nominate any nonprofit in Southern Delaware. We draw three of the nominations out of the hat at each quarterly meeting, and those three nominators get five minutes to pitch their nonprofit to the group. Each member (or a team of individuals) then donates $100 to the winning nonprofit. I didn’t want to make the $100 a barrier to anyone, which is why we allow couples and teams to donate as a unit. The organization is into its third year now and has donated over $100,000 to local nonprofits.

Why do you think coastal Delaware has become a hub for the LGBTQ+ population?

(Laughing) We love good beaches! But really it is such a beautiful beach resort, town and area. We had an established community that just continues to grow. 


  • Beach Broadkill Beach
  • Lunch Spot Dewey Beer Co.
  • Trail Cape Henlopen State Park bike loop.
  • Happy Hour Salt Air
  • Beach Activity Swimming
  • Ice Cream Spot Vanderwendes at Dewey.
  • Live Music Scene Wherever the scene is that’s where I’m going. 

To learn more about 100 Women Who Care Southern Delaware or to make a donation, email Jeri at 100womencaresd@gmail.com.

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