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A Bit of Paris on the Culinary Coast

There’s a dash more savoir-faire at the beach this summer, thanks to several restaurants with French flair. For instance, La Baguette French Bakery is open in the Villages of Five Points in Lewes, and Le Macaron French Pastries plans to open this month in Rehoboth Beach.

Meanwhile, Kaisy’s Delights—owned by French native Thierry Langer—has rebranded as Elevation XXVI to reflect its elevation (26 feet above sea level), as well as its elevated table service.

In Rehoboth Beach, La Fable continues to bring the je ne sais quoi to Baltimore Avenue.


Starting in Lewes, La Baguette is owner Anita and Ludovic Bezys’ second store; the first is in Dover. Located in Touch of Italy’s old space, the bakery boasts cases of flaky croissants, rich brioche, crusty baguettes and mouthwatering pastries. There are typically 14 kinds of bread, along with eclairs and tartlets. In addition to La Baguette’s breads, other French items include jambon, a specialty ham often served with French-style butter on French bread or as part of a croque-monsieur sandwich with Swiss cheese and bechamel. Omelets and quiches are additional featured items. Also available are macarons; – sandwich-like cookies made from almond flour and meringue. (The colorful confections differ from macaroons, which are coconut-based.)

When Le Macaron opens, it will specialize in macarons, although the shop will also sell gelato, French pastries and cakes. Not only does the Rehoboth franchisee, Ayhan Calik, like the concept, but he also appreciates the family-owned business. The franchise was founded by Rosalie Guillem and her daughter, Audrey Guillem-Saba. Calilk’s other restaurant is Ocean Grill in the Villages of Five Points. 

As aforementioned, owner and French native Thierry Langer recently renamed Kaisy’s Delights Elevation XXVI. Why the change? Like the Millsboro site, the Lewes location has a more European sensibility with white linen and chinaware. However, the menu also reflects Langer’s Austrian and Polish roots. Expect sausages, pierogis and the Kaiserschmarrn, the scrambled pancake that gave Kaisy’s its name.

Meanwhile, Megan Kee’s La Fable is inspired by classic bistros, and its below-ground location and Parisian décor further foster the feeling of being transported to France. Dishes include escargot, foie gras, trout amandine and steak frites.

Whether you grab breakfast at Elevation XXVI and Kaisy’s Delights, linger over an upscale meat at La Fable or pop into Le Macaron for dessert, these restaurants will make it easy to say “Bon Appetit!” this summer. 

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