Survival, Safety, Sanity and Snacks

When you’re heading to the beach with your kids this summer, you’ll want to remember your 4 S’s: Survival, Safety, Sanity and Snacks.  

The first S is for Survival. If you want to survive sandy kids toting the beach back to the car, you need to remember one thing: baby powder. Just sprinkle baby powder over sandy skin and watch it adhere to the sand. Grab a dry towel and brush the sand off your kiddos with ease. 

My diaper bag no longer houses diapers, but is packed with spare underwear/shorts, Pull-Ups, a mini first aid kit and hand sanitizer. Also, NEVER stop packing the wipes; I don’t care if you’re 2, 22 or 102, we can all use the occasional wet wipe. 

Next is Safety. You need sunscreen, inflatables and swimmies. The ones from last year will not fit again this summer, so purchase new ones before you get to the beach. You’ll also need shade. That means sunglasses, hats and a beach umbrella. 

This takes us to Sanity.  Remember that diaper bag that’s not really a diaper bag anymore? Fill it with toys and coloring books. Don’t ever assume a restaurant can provide crayons or something to occupy the kids. I am absolutely NOT against pulling out a phone in a restaurant to occupy my kids, but I try and save that as a last resort. 

For the car, I recommend those “magic” mess-free marker books, those clear imagine ink ones with the corresponding magic notepad. They’re sold at every drug store in the state, and they are worth their weight in gold. 

Onto Snacks. You need car snacks, beach snacks and after meal snacks. For the car, think about items that are less likely to cause choking. I like Pirate’s Booty popcorn, as it almost dissolves in your mouth. Just. Pack. The. Snacks. No, you won’t have too many. 

Above all, do what works for your family. If that means a bucket of Thrasher’s French Fries for dinner or a slice of Grotto Pizza, then grab a bunch of napkins and do it. Give yourself some grace and get those kids to the beach; it will absolutely be worth the work.


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