Sunset over Rehoboth Bay. Photograph by Gil Hofheimer.

Sunset Chasers

As the sun sets on the long summer days, the late-night bedtimes and the copious amounts of evening ice cream consumed, you cannot forget the actual sunset. My kiddos and I have officially coined ourselves “The Sunset Chasers.” The closer it gets to school starting, the more serious we get about chasing after those last remaining summer rays. As August winds down, we pile into the car after dinner and head to the beach to clap for the sunset and honor the golden hour. Some of our favorite spots are below.

Cape Water Tours Next to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry terminal, Cape Water Tours offer both sunset and dolphin cruises that give you unobstructed gorgeous views of the sun sinking into Rehoboth Bay.

Dewey Beach Since Dewey has the bay on one side and the ocean on the other, it offers plenty of places to catch the sunset over the docks and fishing piers on the Rehoboth Bay. 

Indian River Inlet This is a great spot where you can watch from under the bridge on the beach, as well as park on the south inlets and walk over the bridge for a higher view. The Big Chill Beach Club is also located here, offering up gorgeous sunset views with the inlet bridge in the background.

The Point at Cape Henlopen State Park If you don’t have a season pass, you’ll have to pay a small fee to enter the park, but it’s worth it for the view. Follow the signs for The Point, where you’ll get stunning views of both the ocean on one side and the sun setting behind the Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse on the other. If you don’t want to walk down to the water and trudge through the sand, park yourself on one of the benches right off the parking lot. 

Roosevelt Inlet This is one of our favorites because you don’t have to get the kids sandy and wet. You can bring them bathed and, in their pajamas because it’s possible to avoid all the sand. You can bring beach chairs and park in the public lot next to the Lewes Yacht Club. We sit above the rocks to search for mermaids, while waving to the incoming boats while watching the sunset.  


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