Heidi Lowe

Owner of Heidi Lowe Jewelry Studio & Gallery

Heidi Lowe grew up in Rehoboth and had her first jewelry business at age 13. She went to school in Maine and New York, and eventually returned to the area in 2006, when she opened her gallery in downtown Rehoboth. Lowe recently relocated her gallery to 119 Front Street in Lewes, where she’ll be hosting an opening party Friday, June 16. 

Lowe’s gallery is a collaborative space, where works by Lowe and up to 40 other artists are displayed. All the artists are small-studio jewelers from around the world, and Lowe says she’s inspired by the collective spirit and energy the gallery’s offerings bring. The gallery also hosts between three and five exhibitions throughout the year in addition to providing jewelry crafting classes and wedding ring workshops. 

Here, we take a peek at a typical day for Lowe as she divulges how she taps into her creative energy and also talks about some of her favorite places in Lewes.

“I try to spend two to three days a week at the studio, but there are always meetings with clients – which I love – and teaching.”

MORNING “I usually get up between 5:45 and 6:15 a.m. I’ll do some Transcendental Meditation (TM), a little writing and then usually I exercise. I will walk to Cape Henlopen State Park and back when the weather is nice, or I will head to Right Balance Pilates in Rehoboth or The Yoga Studio 24 in Lewes for some low-key exercise. I will sometimes stop at The Station on Kings on my way home for a Matcha Latte and some of their amazing six seed bread. I’ll shower and get myself ready, and then I walk to work, which is so nice. It’s only three or four blocks; I can’t even make myself drive because it would take me longer. Although it was very sad to leave the space in downtown Rehoboth, I am definitely where I’m supposed to be.”

AFTERNOON “I usually bring my lunch but if not, I’ll grab something from Olive & Oats or Nectar Café & Juice Bar. I have all my meetings with clients at Olive & Oats; it’s a great spot to have a meeting, and I love their coffee. I try to spend two to three days a week at the studio, but there are always meetings with clients – which I love – and teaching. I often teach workshops at colleges and craft centers around the country. I am also part of the Public Art Committee in Lewes as well as the Developing Artist Collaboration. When I’m done for the day, I walk home and do my second version of TM meditation.”

EVENING “My husband and I love to cook at home a lot, but when we go out, we love sitting at the bar at Heirloom to share an appetizer and an entrée. We rarely drink, but when we do, I’ll go for a craft cocktail, like a blueberry gimlet. We take our 15-year-old chocolate lab named Coco on a short walk (because she can’t go very far), and wind down and head to bed between 10 p.m. and 11:30. I love living and working in Lewes; it all feels so right.” 

Heidi Lowe soldering in her studio.
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