Medusa Statue at the Delaware Botanic Gardens

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Statue Hunting at Delaware Botanic Gardens

Take the kids hunting…for the remarkable statues hiding along the woodland trails and meadows of the Delaware Botanic Gardens at Pepper Creek in nearby Dagsboro. From the magnificent Medusa to the spectacular sea serpent, these imaginative creations will delight kids of all ages. According to Stephen Pryce Lea, Director of Horticulture and Education Programs, staff members construct the creatures from materials found in the garden. They add new statues every fall, while retaining some favorites.

Before you visit, go to to check out what’s happening and when—there are many classes and programs, as well as guided tours. While you can just show up and walk the trails on your own, it doesn’t hurt to buy tickets in advance ($15/adult over 16) to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit, particularly if you want a guided tour ($10 extra). Trails and restrooms are accessible and golf carts are available (by reservation only).

Delight kids with remarkable statues at the Delaware Botanic Gardens.

If you’re not taking a guided tour, pick up a map at the welcome center. From there, wander the path through the bald cypress grove, cross the bridge (look out for the troll!), watch for turtles along the shore, and try to spot an eagle from the observation deck. Pass by the vernal pool and check out the giant nest (kids can sit inside it). Among the statues you may find are a turtle, fence lizard, garden snail, octopus, and eagle. As you come back to the meadow, climb the viewing mound. Keep a sharp eye out for monarchs and other butterflies. Then, make your way to the learning garden (there’s a great little pond and a created wetland).  The whole family will enjoy the Delaware Botanic Gardens, a world-class, educational and sustainable public botanic garden, right here in southern Delaware. 

Nancy Sakaduski is a local  award-winning writer and editor who finds inspiration in the natural world. 

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