You can't go wrong with a slice from these local pizzerias.

The Power of Pizza

Ah, pizza – that universal comfort food that, for many, is intertwined with countless memories. It’s been said that even when pizza is bad, it’s still good. 

 I love this dish, even making it at home in my wood-fired oven. The process becomes a cherished ritual when my boys, Max and Bayley, join in, their eager hands lending to the magic. Yet, amidst these heartwarming home-cooked experiences, the pull of a beloved pizzeria beckons. So, without any intended hierarchy, here are some of my favorite slices around town.

Casa DiLeo Known for its gigantic 12” slices, it’s a favorite spot for after-work hangouts. The flavorsome base and decadent toppings make each slice a complete meal. Paired with a Peroni beer, it captures the essence of laughter-filled evenings among friends.

Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats The art of pizza-making is held to the same craftsmanship standards as their renowned beers. The experience offers a sensory journey where pizza and beer converge harmoniously, representing the best of coastal Delaware.

Grotto Pizza Representing a symbolic slice of Delaware, Grotto Pizza stands out with its unmistakable swirl of cheese and sauce. Each bite is a journey down memory lane, rich with tradition. Having worked there in my younger years, I go back to rekindle fond memories of my youth.

half full half full is where culinary creativity meets timeless tradition. The unique rectangular pies are bold and adventurous. Their wine selection ensures that the flavor journey extends beyond the pizza.

Louie’s Pizza Each slice feels as if it has been seasoned by the sun and salty air, delivering a harmonious blend of tangy sauce and classic style. For those with a penchant for pepperoni, Louie’s offers a generously loaded slice.

Mr. P’s Pizzeria Mr. P’s is a tribute to traditional woodfire pizza. They have soft, bubbly crusts bearing the signature char of the oven, complemented perfectly by the rich flavors of tomatoes and whole milk mozzarella. Beyond their exquisite wood-fire pizzas, they also boast a noteworthy beer selection.

Nicola Pizza Despite its recent relocation to Route 1, Nicola Pizza has retained its rooted traditions, becoming a beacon of consistent taste and quality. Fans enjoy the flavorful sauce and melt-in-your-mouth cheese they’ve always loved.

Touch of Italy They offer more than just pizza; it’s a slice of authentic Italian culture in Delaware. Their pizzas are marked by the iconic leopard-spotted crusts and offer toppings ranging from sopressata to handmade fresh mozzarella. 

As you venture out and explore these gems, remember that it’s not just about the pizza — it’s about the stories, the communities and the shared experiences that turn a simple meal into an enduring memory.

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