Boardwalk Treats and Treasures

Hit up some of the not-to-miss sugar-coated confections at the beach.

As the glorious summer continues and the sun’s rays bathe Rehoboth Beach in warmth, the boardwalk’s sweet offerings come alive, enticing locals and visitors alike. The promise of delightful treats and blissful moments pervades the salty sea air as the rhythm of the waves meets the hum of excited chatter. Here, we delve into a sugar-coated exploration of some of the cherished confectionery treasures of the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk.

Our journey begins at the iconic Dolle’s Candyland. Established in 1926, Dolle’s is a cornerstone of Rehoboth’s confectionery landscape. As you enter its doors, you’re greeted by the comforting scent of fresh popcorn and candy floss — aromas that evoke memories of carnivals and summer fairs. But the true pièce de résistance is its renowned saltwater taffy. With its soft, chewy texture and many flavors, it’s a delightful explosion of tastes that mirrors summer: bright, diverse and unforgettable.

You’ll discover The Ice Cream Store just a stone’s throw away. Boasting more than 100 eccentric flavors like “Better Than Sex” and “Motor Oil,” it’s a veritable paradise for ice cream enthusiasts. Each luscious scoop, served with a hearty dollop of good humor, is an adventure unto itself. The delightful mismatch of unexpected flavors dares you to challenge your taste buds, embodying the very spirit of summer: vibrant, adventurous and a little whimsical.

A sweet expedition through the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk would only be complete with a visit to Kohr Brothers Frozen Custard. Its iconic soft serve has become a beacon of summertime refreshment for many, drawing in droves of dessert devotees on hot, sunny days. With its delightfully creamy texture and gentle sweetness that is just right, Kohr Brothers’ custard is a masterclass in balance and simplicity.

A sweet expedition through the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk would only be complete with a visit to Kohr Brothers Frozen Custard.

Another must-visit sweet stop is Candy Kitchen. With its vibrant pink exterior and an array of candies that could rival Willy Wonka’s factory, Candy Kitchen is a dream come true for those with a sweet tooth. From gummies to chocolate-covered treats, each offering is a joyful taste of nostalgia that reminds us of simpler times, much like the unadulterated joys of summer.

Kilwins, with its array of handmade chocolates, fudge and caramel apples, provides a grand finale to our confectionery journey. The sight of its famous Mackinac Island fudge being expertly crafted is a visual treat that matches the divine taste of this chocolaty marvel. It’s a grand reminder of the shared pleasures of summer, best enjoyed in the company of loved ones.

Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk’s sweet treats are a testament to the joy of summer, each offering a burst of flavor, a moment of connection and a memory to be cherished. Like the sun-kissed sand and the cool, inviting waves, these delightful confections have become integral to the summer experience here.  

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